Aurelius Lighting

Timber base finished in dark grey natural or limed white. Shades in linen.


Stainless steel frame acrylic lampshade. Combination low wattage LED and fluorescent fittings.

Sujudlux Lighting

Shades are available in white satin fabric – the lamps employed are a mix of low wattage white LED and warm fluorescent fittings – the combination of which gives a beautiful bright clear happy luminesescence

Ganesh Lighting

Stainless steel frame.PVC + Fabric shade.Combination LED + fluorescent fittings

Fajar Lighting

Powder coated steel base. PVC and Fabric shade. Combination LED + fluorescent fittings.

X3 Tray

Available in solid teak or mahogany timbers.


solid timber construction in teak or mahogany with white carrara marble top

Royo Screen

10 mm acrylic panels with solid brass + mahogany winges

Ming Bed

Solid timber construction in teak or mahogany